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How can I increase the engagement of my audience?

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What traffic sources drive the best engagement?

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What type of content performs best?

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Where did this pageview spike come from?

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What supporters drive the most traffic?

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Why is engagement so important?

Because it measures important activities like signups, shares, read completions and subscriptions. These actions can be analyzed to improve your content, design and even SEO.

How do we measure engagement?

Filament calculates your engagement score by monitoring key engagement touchpoints and variations in visitor actions. These new data points allow us to provide you with actionable insights to grow a better audience month-over-month.

It’s Traffic Quality, not quantity.

Filament shows you what sources are bringing you the most engaged audience, regardless of volume, so you can focus your efforts where it matters most.

Monitor your performance over time.

Filament focuses on growing your audience and engagement over time. You can also see at any given point exactly where you stand.

See your popular content.

Know at any moment which of your posts or content is performing best, which to promote further and what to write more about next.

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