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Digging through multiple analytics tools is time-consuming. Filament integrates with Google Analytics and other data sources to provide you smarter insights. Then delivers them to your inbox.

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Our stats cards give you instant access to your most important metrics – like shares, pageviews, and more – in one screen.

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Filament Pro surfaces answers to questions you didn’t even think to ask.

Get easy answers to hard questions.

What content on my site is the most engaging?
What social network brings the best quality traffic to my site?
Which piece of content was most popular yesterday?
Who are my most engaged users?
Is my content strategy working?

Extend your Google Analytics...

With insanely useful stuff like in-page visitor behaviors and a social sharing breakdown.

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Filament makes quick work of collecting the data you need to succeed. The entire interface is designed to require less brainpower.

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