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Embed email subscriber forms with drag & drop


Mailchimp is one of the biggest and best known email service providers around, and is our email platform of choice – which makes this app a natural fit. It’s a vastly powerful tool for collecting email subscribers, managing your lists and marketing to them with awesome email campaigns. Some of Mailchimp’s major features include:

  • Easy campaign & list management – Mailchimp smoothly guides you through building a list and sending campaigns
  • Powerful list segmentation – Need to email falconry enthusiasts in Hoboken, NJ, between 19 and 52? If you have the user data, Mailchimp can help you reach them
  • Awesome pre-built email templates – A wide variety of different email templates get you started quickly
  • Great reporting capabilities – Get deep insights as to how your subscribers interact with your campaigns
  • And a whole lot more!

Mailchimp on Filament

Our simple Mailchimp app lets you configure, drag and drop subscription forms anywhere on your Filament-connected website. The forms tie into your established Mailchimp mailing lists, so you can start gaining email subscribers within minutes!

How we use Mailchimp

Mailchimp has been at the core of our email marketing campaigns for several years now, and although we’ve dabbled with specific functions of other email service providers, it just keeps getting better as an all-in-one solution for our marketing email needs. We utilize Mailchimp’s embeddable subscription forms on all our blogs to capture subscribers for our regularly published content. In addition, Mailchimp houses our customer database, which includes anyone who’s opted in for our communications while purchasing one of our products.

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Connect your website to Filament, and you can embed Mailchimp subscription forms on your website without any code!

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Easily embed Mailchimp forms with no code

Filament lets you discover and install awesome apps like Mailchimp into your website with drag & drop. You’ll never have to bug your developers again!

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How will you use Mailchimp on your site? Leave a comment and tell us!

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