Deploy & manage all your Web apps from one place

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Deploy & manage all your Web apps from one place

The Problem

There’s a vast array of tools and Web applications that help website owners do different things with their websites, whether it’s posting contact forms, tracking analytics, or even running A/B tests. The majority of these tools simply provide a snippet of code to embed on your website and are simple to add, if you have access to the code of your website, and know exactly where to put it – but that’s a big if. Website owners are often hamstrung when it comes to implementing and managing their tools by virtue of one or more of the following obstacles:

  • They don’t know how to code – If you never touch code, even pasting a snippet into your site can be daunting
  • They don’t have access – In larger organizations, the development team are the gatekeepers to your website’s code. This means the task of applying the code snippet falls to them – and they usually have a million other things going on
  • The snippets conflict – Loading up your site with dozens of code snippets increases the likelihood that they’ll conflict with each other, either breaking your site, or the applications that depend on that code being in place

CodeDrop is designed to be a central dashboard for managing any code you embed on your site. One drop allows you to install and manage all of your tools from a gorgeous and simple interface.

Who It’s For

Having all of your 3rd party services’ code snippets manageable from a single dashboard is likely a nice thing for anyone who owns a website, but we think that online marketers are most likely to benefit. These folks are often the ones who need to quickly deploy a tool to their websites (like Google Analytics or Crazy Egg, for example), but whose requests end up stuck in the development queue. CodeDrop gives these users a portal through which they can deploy their tools without having to wait. As one member of our team put it, “it’s like Stargate for your website”

How It Works


CodeDrop aims to be the last code snippet you ever need to deal with, so we intend to make it a simple task:

  1. Embed your CodeDrop code snippet in your site (or get a Web developer friend to help you), and then log into your account
  2. Add the domain of your CodeDrop-enabled site
  3. Codelessly connect, deploy and manage your tools for that site via the totally-sweet CodeDrop UI


Development Stage: Graduate

CodeDrop is a free app on the Filament platform. Like what you see? Install it now!

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CodeDrop is an app on the Filament platform. Pasting just one snippet of code is all you need to drag & drop awesome apps like CodeDrop into your website. You’ll never have to bug your developers again!

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