[Post #1 of 4] Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to post a series of 4 short tutorials covering how to get more useful insights from your blog analytics, and improve your content stats workflow. Many of these tips are highly pertinent to things that Filament Pro monitors for you out-of-the-box, but the beauty of metrics are that the math is the same, no matter which tool you use to track them – so hopefully you’ll find this series useful in your day-to-day!

Lesson #1: How to save time with your blog analytics

We love Google Analytics (GA for short) and use it often. GA is many, many things—it’s free, it’s by Google, it’s orange—but sometimes it’s like trying to sip from a firehose. There’s just so much data there!

We designed Filament to help you get to the useful stuff quicker. This is the first of four quick posts we’ll be publishing over the next few days to speed up your daily content analytics ritual, and help you get the most out of Filament Pro.

How Filament Saves You time

Pageviews and Social Shares, together at last

Typically you’d need to look at two separate reports, or even log into multiple tools just to piece together this simple comparison. Isn’t that crazy? It’s 2015, pageviews and social shares are among the most basic measures of content performance! Anyways, you can compare these two metrics in a couple clicks inside Filament:

Click on the Social tab, and then overlay the Pageviews Touchpoint on it, using the Chart Options (the little icon in the bottom left corner of the chart). Now you can compare your traffic and sharing activity on the same screen.

Never dig for the basics

Seeing yesterday’s numbers for all your site’s metrics is fine and all, but how do you know whether they’re good or bad? Every screen in Filament shows a summary of your top metrics, including shares and in-page activity and automatically compares them to the previous period, so you always know whether you’re doing better or worse.

The two metrics that changed the most compared to that previous period are highlighted in either green or red (green = better, red = worse), so you can see what’s moving the needle for you. Way faster than having to run two reports, and manually compare them, right?

Quick Search

“Hey, how’s that post doing, compared to the others?” ~Your Boss

It’s a great question, but the way most analytics tools make you drill down through multiple menus typically makes it painful to answer. That’s why we built in a quick-search bar at the top of every screen to help you easily focus on specific posts’ stats.

Just type in the first few letters of the page you’re wondering about, and results will appear with any posts containing that word in their title or URL. As a bonus, it’ll also bring up any matching referrers and social networks too!

Get your morning stats – before you even log in!

Keeping tabs on your site’s numbers is often a time-consuming daily ritual of logging into all your tools and looking for big spikes in activity. But what if you could get all that info emailed straight to you each morning?

By default, Filament will send you daily email reports on just a couple of important metrics, but if you want it weekly – or only when something significant happens – you can adjust their frequency easily. Log in to your dashboard screen, and click Edit next to your website. Then configure your email frequency (and recipients) to your analytical heart’s content.

Next, let’s talk engagement

Speaking of timesavers, what if you could understand everything about your website’s activity by glancing at just one number? The next post in this series will be all about your website’s Engagement Score, which will help you understand how your site is doing overall, and which posts get the most visitor activity.

Interested in better understanding your blog’s performance? Filament Pro helps you focus on the numbers that matter, and get useful insights, quicker. It integrates with your Google Analytics account, and takes less than 2 minutes to setup, so why not try the free 14-day trial?