[Post #4 of 4] Over the past few weeks, we’ve posted a series of short tutorials covering how to get more useful insights from your blog analytics, and improve your content stats workflow. Many of these tips are pertinent to things that Filament Pro monitors for you out-of-the-box, but the beauty of metrics are that the math is the same, no matter which tool you use to track them – so hopefully you’ll find this series useful in your day-to-day!

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Lesson No. 4: Referrers and Traffic Quality

While referrers are crucial partners in driving traffic to your site, we tend to judge them solely by how many visitors they send you, but that seems a bit harsh, doesn’t it? The referrer’s volume is only one aspect of their true value.

Problem: How do you find the referrers who are potentially sending you the best, most engaged visitors, but not in as great a quantity as the others?

Solution: Segment out the traffic from your major referrers, and compare how these sources of visitors engage with your site. Filament Pro helps you track the quality of your traffic sources in addition to their volume, so you can easily figure out who to nurture better relationships with.

Why it matters: Quality, engaged traffic means you have more people taking meaningful actions on your site, whether that’s reading it fully, sharing it, commenting or doing other useful things. Growing referrals also helps build authority for your content, thereby helping increase its search rankings. It’s a win-win.

For your final lesson, we’re going to delve into how to identify good referrers and share with you some tactics you can use to effectively grow them. Onwards!

No Man is an Island…

…and no growing website can survive without referring traffic, either. So let’s talk about Referrer Volume–in other words, the amount of traffic being sent to you from other blogs. Everyone wants to know who sends them the most traffic, so we’ve made this easy to find in Filament Pro.

Finding Referrer Volume: Once you’re logged in, access this feature by clicking on Overview, followed by the Referrer Insights tab underneath the chart. Here you’ll be able to see all of your referrers in one place, sorted by volume.



By default, you’re shown the top two referrers, but you can display a full list by clicking the See All Referrer Traffic link—as seen below.




Now, let’s talk about Referrer Quality: Right next to the Referrers Sending The Most Traffic tile, you’ll see Highest Quality Referrers. These are the referrers whose traffic had the highest engagement with your site. It’s important to note that your largest referrer may not necessarily have the highest Engagement Score! It’s the very definition of quality versus quantity, and it’s the quality traffic that you’ll want to focus on growing, since those are the visitors who are more likely to be taking desirable actions while they’re on your site.

Ranking your referrers by quality: Click on Reports (up top, next to the date dropdown), then create the following query: Show me content where Referrer Traffic is highest, from [insert your date range]. You’ll then see a ranked list of all your referrers and their pageviews sent, along with their associated Engagement Scores.


PRO TIP: Any referrers sending you 100 pageviews or more per week will likely have a pretty accurate score (things get a little less reliable at very low traffic levels). See any surprises in there?

​​Lastly, let’s talk about how to score more details on a Referrer’s Traffic.

Viewing referrer details: If you want to see more detail on a particular referrer, just click on it! Alternatively, you can bypass the laborious drilling down through multiple menus that typically plagues traditional analytics tools, and jump straight to a specific referrer using Quicksearch.

PRO TIP: Let’s say we want to learn more about Growthhackers, since they’re sending us more active traffic. By just typing in the first few letters of a referrer’s name (or a page on your site) into the search bar above the chart area, Quicksearch will show you a list of matches to choose from.

Clicking on a referrer from this list quickly pulls up its Engagement Score, sitewide stats and the most viewed piece of content by the visitors GH sent us, allowing you to glance at which pieces of content are resonating most with visitors from each of your referrers.


How To Get Good Things Growing…

So, now that you’ve found the best sources of lively, engaged visitors who dig what you’re posting, you’re probably wondering: How do I capitalize on this traffic and grow it? Right? No? Okay, well that’s my first reaction – I know, I’m a nerd. 


Here are a few methods to achieve this:

  1. Connect with good quality referrers. Reach out and chime in on conversations. Seek out guest post opportunities with them, (but not, like, in a weird, stalkery way).
  2. Follow your Top Supporters. Keeping a finger on the pulse of your Top Supporters will allow you to better engage and build relationships with them. This is tricky to do manually, but we’re working on making it easier.
  3. Write more posts like the most popular ones with strong Traffic Referrers. For instance, if a referrer’s audience liked something in particular, chances are they want (and will promote) more articles like it.

This Is Just The Beginning…

This concludes our Filament 101 series, but don’t worry—there’s so much more you can learn about your blog from Filament Pro! There are other features we’ve not even touched on yet, like:

  • Scroll Depth: Understand to what extent visitors are actually reading your content.
  • Form Submissions: Track where comments are happening on your site and understand which pages are getting you the most subscribers.
  • Most Engaging Authors & Categories: This feature is still in the works, but just take a moment to imagine the possibilities if you knew exactly who your best authors were, and which of your categories gets the most activity from your visitors… take your time, I’ll wait…

If you like what you’ve seen and heard so far, you should upgrade to our Starter Plan for just $29/mo. There’s a 14-day money-back guarantee, and you can downgrade at any time. Don’t forget, Flare Pro, our awesome, customizable social sharing bar is included for FREE (a $9/mo value)!