[Post #3 of 4] Over the next couple of weeks, we’re posting a series of 4 short tutorials covering how to get more useful insights from your blog analytics, and improve your content stats workflow. Many of these tips are pertinent to things that Filament Pro monitors for you out-of-the-box, but the beauty of metrics are that the math is the same, no matter which tool you use to track them – so hopefully you’ll find this series useful in your day-to-day!

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Lesson #3: Sharing is Caring

While many tools already tell you what’s being said about your content within the social networks themselves, Filament Pro helps you learn more about your visitors’ sharing activity when they’re actually on your website—a critical performance metric.

How’s that, you may wonder? Well, once you can understand your visitor’s sharing behaviors, you’ll be able to see which posts are getting the most share-care-love. Yeah, we made that up. But it’s actually a real thing! And by knowing where your shares are coming from, you’ll also know where and how to focus your social media promotion strategies.

And remember, this is Lesson No. 3 of 4. Here are Lessons No. 1 and No. 2 so you can catch-up and feel ready to dive in.

Don’t be anti-social

There are lots of questions you can ask about visitors’ sharing activity on your site. Here are some of the most common—yet difficult to pin down—ones that Filament Pro gives you the tools to effectively answer with ease.

1. Where should you promote your posts?

Breaking down the distribution of shares for a piece of content across various social networks gives you a better idea of which audiences are digging your content most.

PRO TIP: The more shares on a particular network, the more likely it’s a good place for you to make your presence known there, and amplify the discussion around it.

How you do this with Filament Pro—Visit the Social Tab to find a breakdown on which social networks your content is getting shared on the most, as well as how much traffic you’re getting back from them, and the quality of that traffic too. Handy, no?


Have a Filament Pro account? View your visitors’ social sharing activity.

2. Which posts should you promote?

There’s an old saying: “Nothing breeds success like success itself,” and it applies quite nicely here. Your posts with the most shares are likely to do well with extra promotion. Clearly they’ve already gained some social traction, so why not build on it? But how…?

PRO TIP: Remember that judging a post’s performance via sharing volume alone tends to unfairly favor older posts since they’ve had more time to accumulate shares. A fairer measurement of each post’s shareability is to look at their Share Ratios—or the number of shares divided by the number of pageviews.

Share Ratios enable you to make apples-to-apples comparisons of likely shareability between your posts, regardless of when they were published. The higher the ratio, the more likely the post is to get shared. Therefore, the more you’ll get out of promoting it. Hooray!


Filament users: find out your Share Ratio in the Social tab.

How you do this with Filament Pro: Check out the Most Shared Content tile on the Social tab and you’ll expose which posts are currently topping the charts. Even better, by just clicking a title, you can drill down on a particular post to find its individual sharing distribution and find out where best to promote it.


3. Which network sends you the best traffic?

Remember what you learned about your Engagement Score in our last post? It’s alright, I’ll jog your memory: Your Engagement Score is a single number from 0 to 100 that rates your overall visitor activity. In the case of social sharing occurring on your site, you can segment out the traffic you receive from each of the social networks, and compare them to see which visitors tend to share your content more often. Doing this will tell you which networks you should be more active on.

How you do this with Filament Pro: Check out the Social Sharing Insights tab on your Overview page—we’ll use an example from our own site. In the screenshot below, you can see which networks are actually providing good quality traffic in the Traffic From Social Networks tile. See how Twitter sends us a ton of traffic, but the Engagement Score for visitors from Facebook is a full 5 points higher? That indicates we might want to connect with our audience on Facebook more…

PRO TIP: In the long term, growing the sources of better quality traffic will pay greater dividends than simply going for higher volume.


Filament users can gauge the quality of your traffic from social media on the Overview screen.

4. COMING SOON! Who should you connect with?

Reaching out to Influencers who’ve shared your posts is a great way to grow your audience and open the door to new opportunities, but finding out exactly who they are is often like searching for a needle in the digital haystack. Don’t you wish you could just see who you should be connecting with, right there next to the other stats on your post?

We had the same wish—so here’s a sneak peek of just one of our upcoming features we’re super-excited about:Top Supporters!


How to do this with Filament Pro: When we release the Top Supporters feature, you’ll be able to analyze the Klout score of those who shared your posts and discover who your Top Supporters are site-wide and at an individual post level.

PRO TIP: Connecting directly with your most influential readers enables you to return the favor of promoting their content, or even just saying thanks. From there, who knows what might happen? Hey, it’s always nice to make new friends.

Last, But Not Least…

This wraps up our lesson on the kinds of useful social insights that await you in Filament. Go try ‘em out for your own site right now! In our next lesson, we’ll close-out our mini-educational series with a closer look at your referrers and how to analyze the quality of traffic they’re sending to your site.

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