When you live in the startup world, you get used to life throwing you curveballs – but sometimes one comes along that’s so stupendously unexpected, you need a friend to remind you to close your own mouth.


ShareThis has acquired Filament – but wait, there’s more!

We were recently contacted by the awesome folks over at ShareThis with a too-good-to-miss opportunity: they wanted to acquire Filament, and bring it back online, then make the whole thing – all of the apps and Pro features – free for everyone.

You read that right! Not only is Filament back online, but when you log into your account, you’ll instantly be able to access all of the apps, complete with their premium features, like:

  • Flare Mobile, the best mobile sharing experience on the web
  • Filament Pro, our intuitive, blog analytics platform, packed with useful insights about your content (yep, we might need to rename it now…)
  • Customizable sharing counts, to showcase your social proof how you like
  • and a lot more

Access to all these features would’ve cost you up to $89 per year, but now? Today’s a new day, friends – now, it’s all free for everyone.
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Not tried Filament yet? There’s literally never been a better time.
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And even more

Not only is Filament back online, with all the apps and premium features available for free. You can now use Filament apps on as many websites as you like. Seriously, go nuts!

Why are you doing this?

We’ve never stopped believing that offering good design and intuitive insights to as many people as possible is good for the web, so when the opportunity presented itself for us to give Filament a new home, we knew we couldn’t say no.

ShareThis brings to the table an enormous userbase, as well as deep insights into how people share, and how to improve your content, making them a natural fit to house Filament and fully realize its potential. As our new friend from ShareThis, Nigel Tunnacliffe puts it:

Filament is such an awesome product. We are really excited to work with Digital Telepathy to bring it back to life, and to a much wider audience.

So, what’s next for Filament?

Over the next few months, we’ll be watching closely to see what you’re loving, and what could use some improvement. Based on those observations, you’ll be hearing from us as to where things go next.

Thank You

This has all been possible because of the support you’ve shown us on this wild ride. We’re so grateful to you for making Filament possible. Onwards!

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