Simple UX mistakes to avoid on your blog – Volume 2

And we’re back with the second release in our blog-focused UX & Design series where I aim to provide you with short tips and ways to avoid the most common mistakes I see committed across blogs internet-wide. You can catch volume one here.

I know, I know – you have no budget. Or you can’t code or design your way out of a paper bag. There are always better options out there and that’s why this series exists.

Here’s what we’ll cover this time around

  • The effects of poor readability
  • Overly aggressive Calls-to-Action
    Okay, let’s get started… (more…)

Simple UX mistakes to avoid on your blog

Shawn is Filament’s product designer and front-end dev unicorn – so naturally I asked him to share his wisdom here. He also eats a tremendous amount of Internet and daily breakfast burritos. So…now you know… ~Jason

If you’re reading this, we have something in common – an appreciation of a good experience. Dare I say an engaging one? [I’m already regretting this… ~J]

I work on the design of all things Filament – including Flare – which means I’ve seen and designed for a lot of blogs. One thing I’ve noticed is a lot of UX mistakes that occur at every scale, not just rookie blogs; major brands, established product companies and even marketing experts make these mistakes too. (more…)