Features and FAQ


Google Analytics is integrated

Most typical Google Analytics data is automatically pulled into your site dash.

Daily or Weekly Email Updates

We'll send regular updates to let you know the high-level details on how your blog is doing.

Send multiple reports

Add someone else from your team to get the performance email summaries.

Engagement Alerts

We'll let you know when your engagement goes above or below your normal range.

Custom reporting made easy

Easily sort your content by usable metrics that can help you make quick decisions.

Find anything with an easy search

Find any page, post or referrer on your site immediately. No more nested menus!

Key Metrics

Social Sharing Performance

See total share counts and how engaged traffic is from each social referrer.

Sharing Ratio

We'll show you which networks bring you the most visits per share so you can promote better.

Pageviews + Bounce

Both of these key metrics are in every screen, as well as other base analytics.

Top Social Supporters

See who is sharing your content, and easily follow them or reach out to thank them or introduce yourself. Coming soon!

Page Retention or “Stickiness”

How effective a page or post is at keeping visitors on your site and moving them on to other content.

Visitor Scroll Depth

See how much of your content your visitors are reading and what topics are consistently read most.

Content Category Comparison

We'll show you which topics or categories are the most engaged, shared and viewed on your blog. Coming soon!

Engagement Score

One simple metric shows how effective pieces of content are at getting shared, seen and interacted with.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have Google Analytics, why do I need Filament?

In short, because traffic alone can't tell you what to write about. Filament adds blog-specific metrics, like social engagement and visitor in-page behavior. We identify what you should be writing about and where to promote it.

What's an "Engagement Score?"

It's a single number that you can use to see how your blog is doing overall and per page. It takes into account many factors beyond traditional analytics. You can see more detail here.

Google Analytics privacy stuff

Basically we have read-only access to your Google Analytics account, and you can see exactly what permissions are granted when you connect here.

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