Powerful and unique features that get your visitors sharing

Customizable to match every design

Tweak icon colors and shapes. Change or remove the background. Rearrange and reposition buttons to your heart’s content. Customize Flare until it looks like it was tailor-made for your website.

Optimized for sharing

It's impossible to optimize Flare on every page, right? Nope! The Auto Arrange feature dynamically reorders your Flare bar's social networks based on the unique sharing popularity of each page's content. Just turn it on and relax.

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Speak your visitor’s language

Flares, Shares, Votes, Acciones or anything else you need for your audience or your native language. Just don’t call it Shirley. It’s just one more thing you can easily customize with Flare Pro.

Simple & beautiful interface

Flare allows you to make detailed design changes, add or remove networks with fine-grain control with our easy to use management screen.