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Make sharing content better for your visitors on every device

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    Scroll the page to see Flare in action right here.

    Here's a horizontal Flare.

    Use Flare to share this page - just how your visitors would.

    Flare is an elegant social sharing bar that brings a minimal and unobtrusive design to your social media buttons, while still being effective at driving shares. Flare is customizable, so you can craft it exactly how you like, and the bar scrolls with your visitors as they read your content, for convenient sharing.

    Flare is fully responsive and works amazingly well on your phone

    Flare's mobile experience is second to none. It's the only sharing bar available that takes mobile sharing to this level, offering a native operating system look and feel. It's fast, crisp on retina screens and beautiful. Check out the example below, or just visit this page on your mobile phone to see for yourself.

    You can also add Ivy for the world's best sharing combo

    Pair Flare with our other sharing app Ivy to give your visitors an even better sharing experience. Ivy is another Filament app that lets your visitors highlight and share specific quotes from your content. Check out the Ivy demo.

    Best of all, Flare is free!

    Flare is completely free to use. So sign up for a Filament account to install it, and any of the other awesome apps available in under a minute. So be sure to give those a look once you're done installing Flare.

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    Install Flare for Free

    Share more effectively and from any device

    Supports your favorite social networks

    Choose which sharing channels to offer your visitors, configure their behavior individually and see a live preview while you edit. Easy!

    See the demo

    Effortless mobile sharing interface

    With Flare Pro, give your visitors a frictionless sharing experience on smartphones and tablets. It even automatically updates to match your desktop customizations! We'll even remove the Filament branding.

    Get Flare Pro

    Easily blend Flare into any design

    You can change or remove background colors, customize icon colors and icon shapes. Flare offers tons of customization options to get your sharing bar looking like it was custom-built for your website, using its intuitive interface.

    Installing Flare couldn't be easier

    We've made installing an app as quick and easy as possible. Our interface is beautifully simple and allows you to preview the results before publishing.

    Flare is a Filament app, so installing is as easy as drag and drop.

    Install now

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    Easily find and install awesome new tools and services for your website to make it perform better.

    Choose an app

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    Drag-n-drop onto your site

    Filament works on any site or CMS

    Flare works awesomely with these apps too

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